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Are you a start-up accelerator with an interest into smart urban mobility? Are you a company that is sponsoring accelerators to create the champions of tomorrow? Are you a start-up with a great business case in smart urban mobility? Are you a city that is active in creating an innovation-friendly environment?

Do you feel that there is a great potential to be tapped in Europe, but that more could be done to support visibility and expand collaboration to create bigger impact?

You might be interested into this…

Context and strategic orientation

The more than 20 million SMEs in the EU represent 99% of businesses, and are a key driver for economic growth, innovation, employment and social integration. Innovative start-ups face different challenges in their growth expansion, including the need for a supportive business environment, access to finance and targeted advice on business development.

Start-up accelerators provide start-ups with targeted funding and contacts to investors and mentors to help them grow through their initial phase. At the same time, city halls are experimenting with new ways to support innovative start-ups and SMEs. Among other, this includes creating innovation zones or districts - physical and virtual spaces that bring together innovators, mentors and investors.

This is a field of dynamic entrepreneurship. A variety of accelerators is active and some are engaged under the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) for Smart Cities and Communities. Connecting such incubator programmes and learning about their needs can help lift the EU SME economy.

Target group and objectives for this conference

This conference will take place on 22 May 2015 in Berlin back to back with the annual meeting of the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities. It invites representatives from SME accelerators/innovation hubs, sponsoring companies, start-ups, innovation agencies, city halls and other actors of relevance in the fields of smart urban mobility and power.

The conference should foster exchange and visibility of SME innovation/accelerators with key policy makers, support building a network of accelerators in Europe and commit sponsoring companies to action. Participants should discuss experiences and future needs, including attractiveness of EU tools and further policy needs and obstacles (at all levels).

Main topics to be covered through panel discussions and working groups include:

  • How to best accelerate start-ups: what lessons have we learnt?
  • Opportunities for collaboration between accelerators: greater impact in Europe?
  • How to improve the business environment in cities? What kind of support is needed? 
  • What is the value added of action at a European level?

Due to the limited number of seats for 150 participants, we encourage early registration

Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers include Andreja Kodrin (Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Violeta Bulc), Robin Chase (founder of Zipcar and Buzzcar), Alex Farcett (co-founder Startupbootcamp) and Gert Blom (City of Helmond).

Format and organisation

  • Morning: plenary sessions with guest speakers and panels 
  • Afternoon: Break-out sessions that allows for circulation of people around key topics, which all will be hosted in separate rooms and with active moderation.

Conference will be facilitated by an external moderator.






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